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Taxi Service in Ajmer

Hire an Airport taxi from Ajmer International or Domestic Airport for Hassle-free Pickups and Drops. By booking an airport taxi service visit the nearby cities or various tourist places. Online booking cabs is very easy you can select city, choose your preferred cab fulfill the required information and submit. If you are facing any issues while booking you can connect with us through mobile or WhatsUp. Our sales executive will get connected with you shortly. Login and read/get details of the cab driver before starting your journey.

For a comfortable and stress-free tour you can start booking online. When you are traveling from and to the airport you should check the time as per traffic.

Corporate cab services in Ajmer

Carseva is at the forefront of organizing the car rental industry. We have huge experience providing road-transport solutions. We delivered constantly quality services and got good customer support. That is the main reason that our corporate cab services have received success within the retail sector and we getting some great results.

Book One-Way Cabs in Ajmer

To get Affordable Rates, 24x7 employee helpline and booking support, Paperless & GST compliant seamless billing process, and well-trained and experienced drivers.

For your monthly car rental requirements and get the best corporate cab prices with experienced drivers. You will get excellent quality vehicles at bulk discounted rates.

Corporate Car Rental From offers Employee Transport Services for a safe & reliable solution to transport employees. We provide excellent Corporate Car Rental services in Ajmer at competitive rates for businesses. Avail corporate taxi services, it is always good practice for all your corporate transportation needs.

For safe and hassle-free nearby your location to travel within the city you should book a local Taxi online. It is always comfortable and affordable to book a taxi through Find AC cars, non-AC cars for local sightseeing and visiting tourist and religious places in Ajmer.

Local Taxi Service in Ajmer

Get better hassle-free travel service to the travelers. It is always good to book a full-day cab rental service in Ajmer.

Carseva is at the forefront of organizing the car rental industry. We have huge experience providing road-transport solutions. We delivered constantly quality services and got good customer support.

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Tourist Attractions in Ajmer

The Ajmer Sharif

The Sufi shrine embellishes Ajmer. The pilgrimage encloses the grave of Garib Nawaz. He was popularly known as the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti.

People of all faiths visit the 13th-century shrine. We have a strong belief that you will get a proper answer for your prayers here. It has three gates. These include the main or the Nizam gate, the Shah Jahan gate, and the Buland Darwaza.

Emperor Shah Jahan had constructed the Shah Jahan gate himself. Prasad offered to devotees is another attraction of the shrine. They cook the sacred and delicious food in giant cauldrons known as degs.

Adhai Din ka Jhonpada

The Adhai Din Ka Jhonpda started as a Sanskrit college. Sultan Ghori had converted it into a mosque in 1198 AD.

The palace represents an impressive blend of Indo-Islamic architecture. Sultan Itutmish had modified and beautified the structure in 1213 AD. The term Adhai din ka Jhonpda means the hut of Two and a Half Days. The authority organized a fair during Urs in the 18th century. The fair lasted for two and a half days.

The Anasagar Lake

The artificial lake is known for its scenic beauty. Arnoraj Chauhan, son of Ajaypal Chauhan, commissioned the lake between 1135 and 1150 AD. He was popularly known as Anaji. The lagoon thus attributed its name.

After centuries, Mughal Emperor Jahangir had established the Daulat Bagh Gardens near the lake. It added to its beauty.

Emperor Shah Jahan also contributed to its expansion. He built five pavilions around the lake. He named the pavilions the Baradari. These took place between the garden and the lake.

Mayo College

It is one of India’s oldest independent boarding schools. The British had established the college in 1875. The educational hub got its name after Richard Bourke. He was the 6th Earl of Mayo.

Mayo College had set its educational in parity with the Eton College in Britain. The purpose was to offer education to the princely scions in different Indian imperial states.

One of the pioneer principals was Lockwood Kipling. He was the father of Rudyard Kipling. He was a Nobel Laureate.

The person had furnished the design of the Coat of Arms. It shows a Rajput and a Bhil warrior. The finest extant examples of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture have helped the college become a must-see destination in Ajmer.

The Government Museum

The Government Museum in Ajmer is one of the prime tourist destinations there. It resides within the magnificent fortified palace. The palace belonged to the legendary Mughal Emperor Akbar. He constructed the building in 1570.

People also call it the Bharatpur Museum.

It houses a rich collection of archaeological artifacts. These include stone sculptures, inscriptions, and armors. The finest paintings of the previous Bharatpur Maharajas are also magnificent.

Victoria Clock Tower

Ajmer possesses influences from the British. The Brit nationals left countless legacies in the city. These include both educational institutions and architectural buildings.

The Victoria Clock Tower is one of them. It may be your first witness once you reach the city. The British had built the high-rise imposition in 1887.

It states just opposite of the Ajmer Railway Station. The imposing British architectural beauty will mesmerize you.


Incredibly punctual, friendly drivers, and a very fast customer service that answered my questions within minutes the night before my return trip.

Rajesh Polas

The driver allocated had good knowledge of the locality and was able to navigate with ease to all the attractions. Excellent service!

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Thanks for lot for the speedy response and making our travel smooth and safer. The cab was on time and I got a great service.

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Excellent service. My driver was waiting at Arrivals for me with a clear sign. He was very polite and friendly and drove me with no delay.

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The driver you had sent was very very humble, soft spoken person no extra talks, was maintaining cleanliness.

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I will definitely use your service again. Your service, and reliability, made a long stressful journey end positively. Thank you.

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